Bust interview with ComicsVerse

Hello Bust backers and friends. We’ve got something really special for you today – an interview with big comic site ComicsVerse about the series, where it goes beyond issue #1 and more.

There’s also a new reveal about issue #2: Wasteland Ronin in there for you that hasn’t been discussed before. See if you can spot it!

The piece can be read through here and thanks to Fabio at ComicsVerse for covering us!

Page 20 roughs are coming tomorrow. Stay tuned!



Regeeken.com covers Bust

Tim at wonderful geek culture site Regeeken has profiled Bust over on his site. It’s a neat little introduction to the comic’s plot, and includes a few page previews as well. Be sure to check it out.


His write up adds, “I’ve only seen the first eighteen pages but the story is entertaining and engrossing and the art, strictly black and white, by game artist Chris O’Toole, is very well done.

I’d like to second that Chris ❤

Tim adds, “One of the main things Dave wants to stress is that this is not another zombie comic.

I think that’s definitely an important point to get across. I’ve also been interviewed by another comic site this week and the article is due to go live soon. One of the question asked why I was doing a zombie story, and I had to come clean and reveal a bit of a twist.

The monsters you see in the early pages aren’t zombies, but savage mutants who have become decayed and warped by the plague. They also all die out before the second issue. In fact, there’s actually a flashback in issue #2: Wasteland Ronin where two characters discuss what the monsters are.

One asks if they’re zombies. The other tells their friend to stop being so stupid. We also see a two-headed, mutated crow on the first page of that issue to suggest the plague has evolved to target animals, so you can imagine there’s much worse lurking out there…

…you’ll see.

OK, enough teasing. Thank you again TIm, and be sure to give his site some love over at Regeeken!

A new backer cameo appears!

Good afternoon backers and friends of Bust alike. I’m happy to announce another new cameo from our £50 backer tier, this time it’s my good friend, Scottish game figurehead and all round good-egg Phil Harris.


Hats off to Chris for this image, as this actually does look a lot like the man himself.

He’ll be appearing in Page 19 of Bust, but we’ll keep what he’s up to a secret for now. Put it this way, things are going south pretty fast for Jack. How is Phil involved?

Don’t forget, you can read pages 1-18 for free now, right here!

Thanks guys, more soon!


Postal address frenzy

Good morning,

Thanks to everyone who sent over their postal address via Kickstarter last night, you guys are crazily efficient 😀

We’re still launching in Spring, but we’re moving forward. I’m also thinking about getting personalised thank you cards made up for your delivery via Moo.com. I’ll let you know once I have a sample to show.

Thanks all 🙂


We’ve got a new site + Kickstarter delivery update



Hello Bust friends and Kickstarter backers alike, and welcome to the new and improved Bust blog. We’re long past the point where we we were making a comic that *might* have been funded on Kickstarter, to something that actually has money behind it, and is getting made as you read this, so we thought it was time to make-over the site and put on our site’s Sunday best – so to speak.

So what’s new? Well, you’ll find a new blog reel on the homepage, and if you look along the top bar you’ll see clearly defined sections for Issue #1 (you’ll get each new page as it’s made there for free), and the Bust store (where you can pre-order print copies for our Spring launch).

We’ve also got Facebook and Twitter widgets on the right, so please do Like or Follow us to make us very happy.

Lastly, we’re opening up an Instagram account, because basically that thing is massive. We definitely should be on it as a visual project, so be sure to keep an eye out for that launching this week.

On to Kickstarter business…

It’s a short one this, but if you backed Bust on Kickstarter you should expect to be harassed for your postal address soon. I’m going to start compiling everyone’s details so we can ensure smooth delivery of our print copies come Spring. I want to make sure no one is disappointed thank to delays or missing items, and so on. That’s just not fun for anyone.

So yes, expect Page 19 imminently, and more news on our conversations with indie comic shops across the UK. We’re starting to speak with them now.

All the best folks. Thanks for your support!


Page 18 is here! (and someone dies…)

Hello backers! Chris has sent over Page 18 of Bust for you all to check out, and it’s an absolute peach. Jack undergoes a bit of a change here, and this is a real tipping point for his character.

We’ve also got another few panels featuring our £50 backer Jeff – he’s the guy with the gun. The rest of our £50 backers will start appearing from now on, so stay tuned to see yourself in the comic!

You can read all 18 pages so far here.

Or just check out the single page:


Page 19 is incoming. Hold onto your butts!

Thanks again for your support guys!