Bust is an ongoing post-apocalyptic comic about the downfall of society at the hands of a terrible plague. It is most definitely not about zombies. We don’t fancy taking on the might of The Walking Dead, after all.

Written by award-winning video game journalist, author and beard-tender Dave Cook, Bust tells the story of Jack, a master card dealer from Las Vegas. He’s a con-man whose sleight of hand has ruined many lives, but when a viral outbreak hits America, he is forced to use his hands for good in order to save his family.

The world slides quickly into chaos, and the family finds themselves in Austin, Texas – which has been walled off thanks to the generosity of billionaire business magnate Eddie Scott. An almost Roman rule of class divide, barbarism and hypocrisy follow.

Jack eventually crosses the wrong people and finds himself forced to fight mutated freaks in the arena to pay back his debt and be with his family once more – and this is just in the first few pages! Expect blood, a big death count and plenty of twists along the way.

Bust Issue #2: Wasteland Ronin is in early production now. Updates have already started on our blog.

The twisted, insane world of Bust has been brought to life by Dave’s script, but it has truly come alive thanks to the incredible artist talents of illustrator Chris O’Toole. You can check out his killer portfolio here

Together Dave and Chris have created a sadistic world that will be explored in great detail as the saga unfolds. On October 31, 2013 they both successfully funded Bust’s first issue on Kickstarter to the tune of £1,651 with 112 backers. You can still visit the campaign page for regular updates here.

Ready to dive into the living hell of the post-apocalypse? Why not read Bust: Issue #1 here?

Love, Dave and Chris x


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