Page 17 is here!

Hi guys, and sorry again for the delay of this page, I mentioned in my last update that Chris’s machine blew up and he lost most of the page. That is always a royal pain whenever it happens so send him some good views if you can.

But alas, Chris has powered through and delivered a truly exceptional page 17 that features our first £50 backer cameo – Chris’s brother Jeff. He’s the guy at Jack’s card table.

Things are really about to change in Jack’s life, and as we’re sure you recall, they aren’t necessarily good changes.

Page 18 is incoming. Stay tuned and thanks again for your support.

You can read all 17 pages of the comic so far here.


Page 17 teaser! (minus words, obvs)

Hello backers, we hope you’ve had a great week!

Because we encountered tech issues and lost page 17 of Bust when it was almost finished, we’ve decided to reveal it without the text so you can see more of it than our usual bite-sized teasers. That’s Chris O’Toole’s brother Jeff being a sore loser at cards btw 😀

The full version will drop soon, and page 18 will not be far behind!

Stay tuned.

Technology meltdown


Hi backers, we hope you’ve been having an ace start to the year so far.

So, Chris was working on page 17 of Bust when his machine crapped out and he lost most of it. I feel really gutted for him as that is always a bloody nightmare, but this does mean the page will be a little delayed. Please send Chris lots of mind-hugs and thought-fist bumps to make his day 🙂

Meanwhile, however I’m still collating contacts for comic shops so we can distribute print copies of Bust to shops across the UK.

I should have some more Bust 2 updates to shave soon, I just have to be careful not to spoil it for you all.

Thanks again for your support guys, and speak soon.


A ‘Mad’ Confession…


Hello backers and a happy new year to you all!

I have a grave confession to make:

I only watched the Mad Max films for the first time on on New Year’s Day. I can’t really explain why it’s taken me so long, but I’m glad I watched them because the second film in particular is superb. Looking back, it’s amazing to see how much of pop culture and indeed apocalyptic culture has been influenced by Miller’s work.

I was so enamoured with The Road Warrior that I started writing more of Bust issue #2: Wasteland Ronin, and I actually double-taked at how unknowingly similar some elements of the series is to those movies.

The evil characters are quite barbaric, almost tribal in nature, and they dress really weird too. They also have rusted vehicles that are barely held together by duct tape and crude welding. In many ways issue 2 is about the new makeshift America that emerges from the ashes of issue 1’s terrible plague. The mutated freaks you’ve seen Jack fighting so far have quickly died out and aren’t seen again, but their destruction caused society to collapse.

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Behold! The Barbarian cometh!

Hello backers, Dave here with a post-xmas update for you all, along with another new custom backer sketch.

First off – a status update. Page 17 is next to be released, and we will keep you posted on when it goes live.

As a reminder, Bust issue #1 is 32 pages long, so we’re officially over the halfway mark now. There’s so much story left to cram in, plenty of twists and lots of death. When Jack said at the start that his hands would never be clean, he wasn’t kidding.

Now, here is this week’s new custom backer sketch by the wonderful Chris, which was requested by MagicMumboJon. Enjoy it man!

Love that beard man!
Love that beard man!

There’s lots more coming folks, and needless to say 2015 is going to be huge for us. Watch this space!

Thanks again for your incredible support!