Learning from the local comic scene: Impressions from an indie comic con


I went to a local comic and toy mart here in Edinburgh run by the lovely folks behind Edinburgh Comic Con.

It was a really cool event that featured tables filled with comics, graphic novels, local issues, artists for hire, collectibles and t-shirts. The main reason for going was to meet some local creators and to speak with them about how they go into the business – while explaining the Bust journey so far.

The feedback was all very positive, and there were a few cocked eyebrows when I explained how much the Kickstarter had made. Apparently it’s a hard thing to do – which was no secret of course – but it made me stop and think again for a moment about how lucky Chris and I have been to receive all your support so far. So thank you for that once again backers!

My biggest takeaways were that we shouldn’t expect to make any money from Bust – aside from the cash we make then put directly into making subsequent issues, but to be honest I don’t think I ever thought twice about that. I’m just happy to get it into people’s hands and for them to read it. That’s payment enough for me.

And second, I absolutely loved how true the six degrees of separation thing was in the room. Everyone knew someone, who knew someone, who hard worked together or supported one another with advice, contacts or tips. Each person was happy to share contact details and open their doors – so to speak – and make themselves available for advice.

In short, It sounds like an entirely welcoming and supportive scene, and one I can’t wait to be a part of.

Page 16 imminently. Stay tuned!



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