A note about captions & Bust: issue #2 update


Hello everyone, I hope you’ve been having an ace weekend.

I thought I’d post a little note about captions, because I’m aware that issue #1 has a lot of them. Most pages have Jack telling the story of his arrival in Austin and his downfall at the hands of Eddie Scott.

That also means that each page is full of exposition, and I’m aware that not everyone enjoys that approach to story-telling. I’m keen to explain why this is the case and stress that all issues after the first don’t have captions at all – except lines like ‘xx days later…’ and so on.

The caption approach is two-fold:

First, it allows us to quickly set a world state and put across the fundamentals of who Jack, his family and Eddie are. I have already started writing flashbacks in issue #2 that expand on the events of the first issue and lend new weight to the characters. Plus, we have consider who he’s telling his story *to*. That’s important.

And second, money and time are against us. This is one setback of being fully selfsufficient, as we only have the capacity to do so many pages independently. If we were being published by a big comic house we could dwell on the settings and characters longer, but truth be told I’d rather stay indie than be beholden to editors.

I spent the best part of a decade being corrected and censored by editors when I was a game journalist, so working on Bust has been hugely liberating. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

But yes, I do believe that the slower pace of issue #2 and beyond will come as a pleasant surprise. I treated the first installment as our pilot, and now the real meat of the story has begun.

And I absolutely can’t wait to share it with you.

Thanks again guys, have a great weekend.



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