Another positive write-up + backer list update


Hello Kickstarters, Dave here again with another quick update. I’m currently sprawled out on my spare room couch feeling a bit ropey while playing PS2 classic Onimusha. How has your weekend been?

Within my line of sight is the stack of notes I’ve penned for Bust’s second issue. I had another pass at them today and I’m happy to say that the issue’s arc is now locked down. I plan on writing the actual script starting October as I’m currently wrapping up work on my novel Seventh Circle. As soon as the process begins you can expect a torrent of updates and maybe even some spoiler free previews too.

But anyway, on with the update.

I’ve added all new backer names to the Bust Blog’s wall of thanks here.

Thank you again to everyone on that list, both Chris and I are still a bit amazed at how far we’ve come in such a short time. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Next up: The Bust Kickstarter has received a positive write-up over at Geekout South-West.

Author Timlah has liked what he’s read so far, and is digging the campaign. Check out his article through the link.

Thanks guys, stay tuned for a bigger update tomorrow!



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